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Crane Rental Services - San Antonio & Austin

Serving San Antonio, Austin and all of Central Texas.

Since 1979, Alamo Crane Service has been a leading provider of crane rental and transportation services in Central and South Texas.

We have a fleet of over 30 cranes ranging from our 15 ton to 600 ton capacity, as well as a fleet of tractor trailers to help you with all your hauling and transportation needs.

When Alamo Crane Service is on site, both our equipment and our operators are hard at work for you. Our operators are professional, and we set the standard for great service. We will go to any lengths to make sure you are satisfied with Alamo Crane service.

Since 1979 Alamo Crane has been providing crane rental services to San Antonio, Austin and the state of Texas. 
We are competitive on large scale crane rental projects throughout the state of Texas and invite you to contact us for proposals.
Our staff is available 24/7 for emergencies or projects that need to be scheduled after hours.

Reaching new heights in satisfaction, service and safety.


HVAC Crane Lift


16850 Alamo Parkway, Selma, TX 78154

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